Time for tea at The Villa

Time for tea at The Villa

Time for Tea

Any occasion is a good one to bring out the good china, put in a request for cupcakes and come together with friends for some fancy fun.

High teas are favourite on the calendar at Ambridge Rose and the 2022 Mother’s Day celebration at The Villa was a stunner. The chefs whipped up beautiful cupcakes with swirls of colourful icing, dainty egg sandwiches and light and fluffy pastries. There were even gluten-free treats for residents with special nutrition requirements.

When the tables were prepared Maria invited everyone to take their places and it was heart-warming to see displays of kindness between residents. Everyone genuinely cares for one another – helping friends to seats, requesting drinks for others, and chatting with their buddies.

The residents at The Villa certainly do enjoy celebrating in style.