Ambridge Rose tool hunt

Older man with barbecue

Ambridge Rose Tool Hunt

Visiting an everyday place that is old but has become new again is great fun for the residents at The Villa.

The diversional therapist, Diana, plans experiences that are interesting for everyone and sparks some cheeky antics and conversations.

On a sunny day the Ambridge Rose van was loaded up and they took off for a trip to a local hardware store to inspect the latest tradie bits and pieces. In-store, Diana, Josephine the activities assistant and Jim the van driver helped residents find their way around and kept the conversations flowing.

There were some good attempts at testing power and traditional hand tools – all carefully supervised. Pot plants were interesting for some, until Diana saw the prices, and they were quickly put back on the shelf. The final look-see was a saunter through the outdoor cooking section to check out the flash barbecues and pizza ovens. There was plenty of discussion about the durability of the mammoth beasts used to cook a few sausages and steaks, and some hands-on testing of the fancy attachments, lids and doors.

Thanks to the Bunnings staff for being friendly and obliging.