Pet on tour at Ambridge Rose

Pet on tour at Ambridge Rose

Pet on Tour at Ambridge Rose

At last the regular visits from superbly well-trained animals that come for a wander through Ambridge Rose, are back on the activity calendar. At The Manor by Ambridge Rose Loki is popular pooch who quietly makes his way around everyone who is keen to give him a pat.

His St John therapy pet guardian is Sandra and she says he is a cat in dog drag, because at night he wants to sit on her lap for a cuddle, although he snores rather than purrs.

Loki is patient and obediently goes to residents, backs in, and then sits waiting for a gentle stroke. People start talking about the dogs they had in their younger days – chatting about the breeds, bitzers, and recalling the pets’ names. Sometimes there is a good-natured cat vs dog debate.

Sandra takes Loki to lounges and residents’ rooms, and he has learnt where to find the best treats, especially in David’s room. Loki enthusiastically sits and waits for a dog snack that David keeps in his drawer, and all faces light up while they have a smooch and David chats about the photos of his dogs.

It takes a special dog to qualify as a St John therapy pet and it takes special volunteers to share their much-loved animals with others. Thanks Loki and Sandra for bringing joy to everyone at The Manor.