A proud bloke tinkering at Ambridge Rose

A proud bloke tinkering at Ambridge Rose

A Proud Bloke Tinkering

A lifetime of being practical and fixing anything has led to a new activity at The Villa – tinkering.

When Kip from The Villa was 10 years old his grandfather had a trucking business, and he pulled Kip out of school to drive a truck between Ōhaupō and Auckland. Kip’s granddad didn’t drive so he propped up his young charge with a cushion and sat beside him for the delivery trips. Within a few years Kip started an automotive apprenticeship but as soon as possible, he changed his career and started officially truck driving.

His daughter, Kirstin, says Kip also spent many years competing in Midget race cars throughout the North Island, established a kiwifruit orchard and drove logging trucks.

Proud bloke tinkering

Throughout the years Kip developed endless practical skills to service and repair all the machinery and equipment needed for his pursuits and in various jobs.

He still likes to have the occasional tinker so, the extended family arranged to have a Holley carburettor and some safe hand tools delivered to The Villa. Kip had this type of carburettor in his old jetboat and now he and diversional therapist, Diana, collaboratively dismantle and reconstruct engine parts. Kirstin suggested the carburettor would be good to work on because it’s nice and clean without the risk of leaking fluids.

For another automotive tinkering activity, Diana occasionally takes Kip to her own car, to lift the bonnet and check the engine. It’s difficult to have a loved one go into care and Kirstin says her dad was a proud blokey, bloke.

“It’s good to see him still enjoying something he always used to enjoy.”