Open spaces and creative activities at Ambridge Rose

open spaces and creative activities at Ambridge Rose

Open Spaces and Creative Activities

In October 2021 our new diversional therapist, Riya, joined the team at The Cottage and she coordinates the residents’ activities collaboratively with Zarina.

From Sundays to Wednesdays Riya will be found organising anything from tea parties for the women to helping residents peel vegetables for dinner. She has worked in similar roles at other homes for older people and notices the big difference gardens and open spaces make for residents at The Cottage.

“We can take people for walks and eat outside, which is more like a home away from home,” she says.

Men sitting at outdoor table

New activities such as the men’s club, when male residents and staff get together to share a few non-alcoholic beers and talk men’s stuff, is strongly supported by The Cottage Manager, Jackie Wood-Ciobanu. Riya is motivated by Jackie’s encouragement, and she plans to introduce innovative activities that she hopes families and friends can be part of when Covid restrictions ease.

For the other half of the week, Thursday to Saturday, Zarina swaps from her health care assistant role to looking after resident activities. She enjoys supporting residents with familiar tasks, such as, sorting and folding washing, and lovingly caring for baby dolls.

“I like to find what appeals to the residents and then find ways to keep them engaged, which isn’t always easy,” she says with a smile.
Music, reading magazines, and simply talking about the old days are all rewarding experiences for the residents, and Riya and Zarina.