Seasonal taste sensations

Chef with seasonal ingredientsat Ambridge Rose

Seasonal Taste Sensations

When the seasons change, so too does the menu for Ambridge Rose residents.

The meals prepared in each home are overseen by our executive chef, Mike Jones, who sources as much fresh produce and meat from local suppliers, as well as Ambridge Rose’s gardens. With the shorter days, there is an abundance of late harvest fruit and vegetables including pumpkins, eggplants and feijoas, which were on the menu for autumn.
Mike takes heed of residents’ feedback and responds accordingly, such as shifting the main meal from midday to the evening. The menu must taste good, look good and meet the nutritional requirements for nearly 200 residents throughout Ambridge Rose. It’s not an easy undertaking but Mike is always ready for the challenge to create crowd-friendly cuisine.

Food from different cultures is introduced and the residents’ feedback determines whether it stays on the menu. There are kiwi favourites – fish and chips on Friday and roast dinners, but it is also good to give the taste-buds a surprize with an international dish like moussaka with eggplant and New Zealand beef.

Also, that homemade flavour is an important part of bringing comfort to the residents, which is why Ambridge Rose has its own kitchens at each home.