Here chook chook

Women with chicken egg

Here chook chook

In March, our eagerly anticipated new residents arrived at The Villa and they are proving to be extremely popular with everyone. Three laying hens named Nibbles, Butter and Kentucky have made themselves at home in the backyard and they entertain residents, staff and visitors with their gentle nature and fossicking for food.

For months there were preparations – selecting the best spot outside for a coop, installing the coop and making boxes to bring the birds home. Covid interfered with the timeline but as soon as restrictions were lifted the residents travelled to Patumahoe to collect the chooks. There were surprizes for some residents, who thought they were picking up a puppy but instead, they were handed a feathered friend.

Once the chickens were safely in The Villa coop, one promptly laid an egg, which secured its future as a valuable food producing pet. The chooks had a few days to settle in and then, a resident gave a nod of approval that the fencing was up to a standard to keep the hens within the property. Then, it was time to let the chooks free range around the backyard where they now enjoy scratching for bugs and bits of plants.

It’s always exciting to see what Butter, Nibbles and Kentucky have produced and recently, Jenny was rewarded with three eggs that the residents used to make omelettes for their breakfast. When you are at The Villa make sure you visit these gorgeous critters in the backyard.

People in van
The Villa residents on their way to collect their pet hens.
Woman feeding chickens
Jenny feeding the chooks at The Villa.
Three chickens
Pet chooks at The Villa.