Providing exceptional dementia care in Auckland

Dementia is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide, and here in Auckland is no exception. For families facing dementia, finding exceptional care is a top priority.

Understanding dementia care needs

Dementia is a general term for a decline in cognitive function that can impact memory, thinking, and reasoning. There are various forms of dementia, each with its own progression. At Ambridge Rose, our Auckland rest home facilities; The Beach House, The Cottage and The Villa, specialise in dementia care. Our staff have the expertise and resources to cater to the unique needs of each resident.

Creating a safe and secure environment

Living with dementia can be disorienting. It’s important that the dementia care facility you choose prioritises creating a safe and secure environment that minimises confusion and anxiety. This might involve features like clear signage, brightly lit hallways, and secured outdoor areas for residents to enjoy fresh air.

At Ambridge Rose, we implement a simple, but effective colour system indoors for residents to identify what areas are suitable to go, and what areas are for staff-only. Red doors indicate to residents where bathroom facilities are, while a door with bookshelf images help to redirect residents. Beige doors are used for staff-only areas, such as kitchens or office areas, and are designed to blend into the hallway to discourage access.

Along with these, our staff in these specialised dementia care homes receive ongoing training on dementia care best practices. They understand how to de-escalate situations, provide compassionate communication, and create a calming atmosphere.

Supporting cognitive function

While there is no cure for dementia, Auckland rest homes like Ambridge Rose, can help support residents with cognitive decline and maintain a sense of wellbeing. Activities like music therapy, art therapy, and reminiscence therapy can stimulate the mind and spark joy, and we have shared many special memories with our residents through these activities.

Individualised care for dementia

Just like other rest home residents, people living with dementia have unique needs and preferences. At Ambridge Rose, our innovative care takes into account the individual wants and needs, but also the interests and beliefs of our residents. We understand the importance of routine to people living with dementia, but also encourage active participation in activities and socialising.

At Ambridge Rose, we tailor our group activities to our resident’s interests, such as our recent outings to Bunnings and Mitre 10, which catered to residents who had an interest or background working with tools, timber or gardening.

Looking for a safe and secure dementia care home in Auckland?

If you’re searching for an Auckland rest home that champions individuality and empowers residents to live life on their terms, look no further. Ambridge Rose is dedicated to developing personalised care plans, using innovative technology and fostering a strong sense of community.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can empower your loved one to thrive.