Did someone say “Christmas?”

Kaye enjoys Christmas tarts

The Manor was full of Christmas carols on a winter’s day, with residents enjoying out-of-season festivities.

So many of the Northern Hemisphere Christmas traditions, seem more appropriate during the winter rather than New Zealand’s summer celebration when it is hot in the kitchen. The party started with Christmas carols, prayer and the story of the birth of Jesus led by Pastor Suganya and parish members from All Nations Foursquare Church. Residents joined in the carol singing and then is was time for a cuppa and Christmas treats, including fruit mince tarts and tiny pavlova topped with kiwifruit.

There were conversations about the good old days when grandmothers and mums spent hours in the kitchen preparing hot lunches during a kiwi summer. Rea’s whānau enjoyed a hangi and Marie’s family had a banquet based on European traditions, even though she lived in Sri Lanka.

“We had roast pork, ham cooked from scratch, rice, curries and traditional Christmas fruit cake,” says Marie. “There was Love Cake that has its roots in the nation’s Portuguese colonial past as well as traditional delicacies – Sri Lankan sweetmeats. I was very interested in the cooking and went on to complete a degree in home economics.”

The morning was a great occasion to reflect on the family traditions of the past, all around the globe.

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