Brian Pullar

Brian Pullar

Brian Pullar
Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 09 576 2590
Mobile: 021 467 720

Email: [email protected]

Having joined the management team in 2011, my role has evolved over the years, and I now actively contribute to the strategic development and planning of the aged-care facilities that form Ambridge Rose.

As the Chief Operating Officer, I oversee the management of various business areas, including strategic and operational planning, customer service, human resources and finance.

In addition to my professional responsibilities, I enjoy sharing my passion for music with the residents at Ambridge Rose through my piano skills.

Family is also an important aspect of my life, and I am a husband to Angela (Allan and Linda’s daughter) and father to our two children.

Outside of work, I can often be found gardening, undertaking DIY projects, attending the children’s sporting events or helping them with homework.