Welcome back to level 1 at Ambridge Rose

Alert level 1 Return to normal but must remain vigilant

Welcome back to level 1 at Ambridge Rose

Dear residents, families and friends,

While this is a great relief for many struggling businesses who can now return to normal, we still must remain vigilant for our at-risk population.

Once again, we can’t thank our fantastic staff enough, who have done an amazing job looking after your loved ones and themselves during very difficult and uncertain times. I’m sure you will thank them personally when you visit next for keeping everyone in our facility safe.

From Thursday 8th October we will start returning back to normal but with a few requirements as follows:
1. Visiting hours are back to normal with access to all areas.
2. All visitors must still sign in using the contact tracing app or complete the contact tracing log upon entry. By visiting you agree to follow our Infection Prevention and Control procedures.
3. Please continue to use hand sanitiser upon entry and as required. This is available throughout the facility. Temperature checks will no longer be taken. Masks are not required to be worn but are optional and available should you wish to continue to wear one.
4. We do reserve the right to do random health and temperature checks.
5. Please do not visit if you are unwell or have any cold or flu like symptoms.
6. Residents can resume outings, but please complete a log of where they have been for contact tracing purposes.

I would like to thank you all once again for your understanding and patience.
We all look forward to welcoming you back into the facility soon.

As always, please let us know if we can do anything for you.

Kind regards,

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