The Future of Aged Care Facilities

Empowering individuality: The future of rest homes in Auckland

As our aged population grows, so too does the demand for premium care that prioritises resident autonomy and wellbeing. At Ambridge Rose, our Auckland rest homes facilities have already embraced this shift, empowering individuals to live life on their terms.

From one-size-fits-all to individualised care plans

Traditionally, rest homes have followed a structured routine. While this approach ensures basic needs are met, we believe it can feel impersonal and fail to consider individual preferences. At Ambridge Rose, we flip this on its head, and develop individual healthcare plans that are tailored to our resident’s interests.

Imagine a landscaper who is passionate about gardens recently moves into a rest home. At Ambridge Rose, our staff would find ways to incorporate this passion into everyday activities, like asking for their advice about what to plant in the rest home’s garden or organising an outing to a local garden centre.

Our tailored care approach extends beyond hobbies. It encompasses preferences for everything from daily routines to social interaction. Residents are actively involved in creating their care plans, ensuring their unique needs and desires are at the forefront of any decisions made.

Technology: a powerful ally for individuality

Technology plays a vital role in empowering residents in aged care rest homes. Wearable devices can monitor health vitals, allowing for proactive care and early intervention in case of any issues and other improvements such as communication tools are being developed every day.

Communication is one area where technology can provide residents an easy way to stay in touch with their family. Tablets and video conferencing apps, such as AgedConnect, a secure sharing app that we use here at Ambridge Rose, can connect residents with loved ones who live far away, improving family connections and providing peace of mind.

With a range of apps being developed every day, we take a measured approach to identify the apps that best meets our residents needs and improve our aged healthcare services. It’s part of our commitment to innovative aged care.

Building a supportive community

Person-centered care extends beyond the individual and Auckland rest homes that embrace this philosophy tend to foster a stronger sense of community. Staff become companions and confidantes, creating a warm and welcoming environment.

At Ambridge Rose, residents are encouraged to socialise and participate in activities that align with their interests, but there is no obligation to participate. This could include anything from art classes to outings to musical displays. Social interaction is a big part of improving mental and emotional wellbeing, and rest homes that prioritise community cultivate a sense of belonging for their residents and their families.

The future of rest homes in Auckland

The future of Auckland rest homes is bright. By embracing individualised care and leveraging technology, rest home facilities can create vibrant communities that empower residents to thrive. Our resident-led approach fosters a sense of dignity, autonomy, and wellbeing, ensuring that Auckland’s aged community can live life to their fullest, on their own terms.

Looking for a rest home in Auckland that prioritises your loved one?

If you’re searching for an Auckland rest home that champions individuality and empowers residents to live life on their terms, look no further. Ambridge Rose is dedicated to developing personalised care plans, using innovative technology and fostering a strong sense of community.

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