Ambridge Rose Villa visit the SPCA, August 2016

Residents visited Auckland SPCA recently with a supply of shredded paper and homemade toys for the cats.
Joy of animals

Shredding paper is a valuable task that many of the residents enjoy. The shredded paper is used in cat litter trays at Auckland SPCA and the need for it is endless. 

Recently, a number of residents made toys for cats and kittens to keep them entertained in their enclosures, while waiting for kind new owners. 

To show the hard workers the fruits of their labour, our activities assistants Topsy, took a group to the SPCA and they saw the cats in action. The toys worked a treat, especially with a young cat who was looking for fun. 

Currently, there are not too many cats waiting for adoption but the first season of abandoned and lost kittens is very close and inevitably the cages will be full to overflowing. Keep up the great work Ambridge Rose Villa volunteers.
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